Data Scientist

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Closing date
01 Aug 2017
40 hours per week
Contract type
Krakow, Poland

Job Purpose

As a Data Scientist on the Data Science Team, you will implement statistical learning algorithms, design experiments, and use your statistic knowledge to get insight from data. At this position, your responsibilities will include exploratory research, and the dissemination of useful new methodology and algorithms to the rest of the team. As with any member of the team, you will also be expected to work closely with the team lead and senior management to identify and scope projects, plan those projects, create prototype systems and algorithms, and effectively communicate advanced technical issues and findings to a range of technical and non-technical internal audiences. You will be also advocate of the best practices in Data Science day-to-day work.


We are looking for people who are experts and get things done by using their smarts and whatever tools make sense to get the job done. People who love to stand on the shoulders of giants to solve new problems and thrive in a rapidly innovating space.


Day to day work

●     Designs experiments, test hypotheses, and build models

●     Conducts advanced data analysis and complex designs algorithm

●     Solves client analytics problems (in iterative processes) and communicates results and methodologies

●     Develops experimental design approaches to validate finding or test hypotheses.

●     Provides on-going tracking and monitoring of performance of decision systems and statistical models.

●      Prototype systems and algorithms

●      Communicate what you find to broader audience

Desired skills & competencies


●     Deep understanding of statistical and predictive modeling concepts, machine-learning approaches, clustering and classification techniques (supervised and unsupervised), and recommendation and optimization algorithms

●     Familiarity with the principles of multivariate testing, experiment design, and the standard methods for analyzing data collected from controlled and quasi-experiments

●     Demonstrated computer programming ability, including SQL, and either R or Python

●     Love to learn new things and can do so quickly



●     Master’s Degree in operations research, applied statistics, data mining, machine learning, physics or a related quantitative discipline

●     Knowledge of Bayesian data analysis, natural language processing, or Bayesian time series modeling techniques

●     Demonstrated ability to scale analysis or algorithms to very large data sets

●     Previous experience working within the Map-Reduce programming model (e.g., Hadoop), Cascading / Scalding, Spark, or Flink

●     Previous experience working with common machine learning toolkits (e.g., WEKA, Apache Mahout, Pandas),

●      Previous experience working with data sets measured in terabytes, or on the implementation of scientific/numerical algorithms.

●     Story telling / presentation skills



●      Permanent Contract

●      Multi Sport Card

●      Medical Insurance

●      Life assurance

●      Lunch Vouchers

●      Training and Development opportunities

Equal Opportunity Employer

Ocado are an equal opportunities employer and as such make every effort to ensure that all potential employees are treated fairly and equally, regardless of their sex, sexual orientation, marital status, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion, age, disability or union membership status.

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